Future Schools Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee formed under the Companies Act 2006. It is formed by the signatories (Members) of the Memorandum of Association.

The Board of Directors has responsibilities under Charity Law as Trustees and under Company Law as Directors, as well as the responsibilities of governors of a school.  The actions of Directors are also governed by the Master Funding Agreement between the Trust and the DfE and by the Articles of Association.  In addition, there is a Supplemental Funding Agreement for each academy within the Trust.  

Subject to the provisions of the Companies Act 2006, the Articles and to any directions given by special resolution of the Members, the business of the Company shall be managed by the Directors who may exercise all the powers of the Company. The Directors (collectively, the Governing Body/Board) will appoint separate committees for each Academy, to be known as Local Advisory Committees. The constitution, membership and proceedings of the Local Advisory Committees will include one member of the Directors as Chair and the functions and proceedings of the Local Advisory Committees will be subject to regulations made or approved by the Directors from time to time.

Cornwallis Academy LGB
Graham Niblock – Chair
Peter Griffin
Helen Kirk-Brown
Kevin Noble 
John Murphy
Jane Saffell
Samantha McMahon – Head of School
Isabelle Linney-Drouet – Headteacher

New Line Learning Academy LGB
Nick Whitfield – Chair
David Chung
Serena Gilbert
Peter Griffin
Liz Sweet
Ibironke Tolu-Ogunpolu 
Paul Murphy (Headteacher)

Tiger Primary School LGB
Mark Kirby – Chair
Dave Bell
Barbara Mackie
Fiona McNeill
Linda Cann
Hayley King (Headteacher)

Resources & Audit Committee
Shaun Farrell – Chair 
Graham Niblock
Mark Kirby
Paul Murphy – Headteacher of New Line Learning Academy
Hayley King- Headteacher of Tiger Primary School
Isabelle Linney-Drouet – Headteacher of Cornwallis Academy

Relevant business and pecuniary interests as well as attendance records over the last academic year.