Smartphones and Addiction 

At Future Schools Trust, we embrace technology. Indeed, Cornwallis was at the forefront of the laptop revolution, when pupils starting in Y7 were given their own personal PC to assist with their research and studies – the first school in Maidstone to do so.

However, advances in technology have brought their own causes for concern - addiction to smartphones and social media being one of the main ones.

Conversation and social interaction is fast becoming a thing of the past, as teenagers in particular ‘talk’ to each other by text and send pictures of their every move by Snapchat or Instagram. No longer is a mobile phone a device by which we make phone calls – more often than not, it is used for taking photos, watching films and interacting with others via a variety of means – but speaking isn’t one of them!

We decided that drastic action was needed to reduce to amount of time our students spent on the phone.

We can’t control what our students do with their phones when they are out of school - but we can impact what happens when they are on our premises.

We now have a policy at New Line Learning Academy of ‘no phones’ during school hours. We believe students need to learn the art of concentration – and that’s something that doesn’t need constant interruption from the buzzing and beeping of a mobile device.

In a world where it is increasingly important to be connected globally – and constantly – we want to show our students it is equally important to stay connected to their friends, family and peers who are close to them.

We have found that pupils now chat more to each other than they did before – which can only be for the good.

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