Careers of Tomorrow

It’s well-documented that the majority of future jobs will be maths and science based.

According to the British Science Council, 7.1 million UK jobs will rely on science skills by 2030 – a 1.3 million increase on today’s number.

But how are our young people supposed to prepare for future careers which might not have even been invented yet?

The Canadians have taken a fascinating look into the future by predicting the kind of careers that might be around in 2030. Scary though it may seem, that’s only 12 years away.

Which means our 2018 Year 7 intake will be graduating around that time!

The Canadian website suggests future careers with intriguing titles such as ‘Big Data Wrangler,’ ‘Systems Tangilizer,’ ‘Robot Counsellor’ and ‘Nostalgist.’

As technology continues to replace men and women in the workplace, it’s not beyond our wildest fantasy that robots could be helping around the home – potentially assisting with care for the elderly or infirm.  A robot counsellor would be deployed to analyse the family’s needs and logistics, before deciding which key skills the robot would need in order to meet their requirements.

If you like figuring out puzzles, you could fit the brief for a systems tangilizer – someone who helps us to understand the workings of complex or fast-moving systems by using several senses at once to perceive the many elements that make up the big picture.  

How many parents learned about that one during a careers evening?

In order to compile its list, the Canadian Scholarship Trust looked at things such as our ageing demographic, climate change, migration, digital technology and scientific advancements.

The research may have been carried out in Canada – but it’s not Cloud Cuckoo Land.