Lead by Example

Oscar Wilde said that imitation was the sincerest form of flattery.......and surely our children start to learn from birth by imitation?

They copy our movements, our speech – and often, our habits.

Therefore, it makes common sense for we adults to set a good example to our children.

A generation apart, teaching is very different now to when we were in school. But there are some lessons we can all benefit from, whatever our age.

For instance, we now recognise the importance of hydration to everyday life.

Our brain is made of 75% water. Even being slightly dehydrated can have an impact on focus and concentration

Dehydration can also impact on cognitive performance and functions such as fatigue, mood, reaction times, short- and long-term memory. To name but a few.

In a climate such as here in the UK, we should drink about 1.2 litres (six to eight glasses) of fluid every day to avoid dehydration.

So, make sure your child has a bottle of water to hand at all times – especially when studying. And get one for yourself at the same time!

Routines form another important part of early learning – and there’s no reason this should differ as they get older. Try to make sure homework gets done at roughly the same time each evening. (Not over breakfast as they dash out of the door!) Just like supper and bedtime, a fixed routine helps keep a calmer atmosphere.

If you want to prevent your sons and daughters spending every waking moment of their free time on their phone or other mobile device, don’t do the same yourself. Pick up a book from time to time, follow your hobby. Play a musical instrument.

Future Schools Trust believes in enrichment – for all the family.