GCSE results at a record high!

Both Cornwallis and New Line Learning Academies have exceeded all targets in this year’s GCSE outcomes. In a turbulent year for all members of our school community, not least those sitting examinations; we are so proud of the attitude, commitment and outcomes for all students across Future Schools Trust. After a rigorous process of results validation and exam board scrutiny, we are delighted to be able to report the following results.

Headline Figures

Headline Measures2021 Result
% English and Maths 5+37
% English and Maths 4+67
% English 5+67.16
% English 4+86.57
% Maths 5+40.8
% Maths 4+69.15
A8 overall44.91
P8 overall0.39
Headline Measures2021 Result
% English and Maths 5+21
% English and Maths 4+50
% English 5+33
% English 4+63
% Maths 5+36
% Maths 4+64
A8 overall40.22
P8 overall-0.05

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