Notice from the Chair of Governors

Future Schools Trust directors have recently carried out a full review of the Trusts strategic intent with core stakeholders and agreed to be sharply focused on the pursuit of creating a community of excellence. 

We are passionate in our belief that our schools are stronger when they work together whilst being proud and protective of the unique identity of each of them. Our schools  are working incredibly hard to fulfil their ambitions and Trustees are delighted in the recent successes,  for example:

  • Cornwallis achieved the best outcomes of any Maidstone school in 18/19,
  • New Line Learning was assessed by Ofsted as being ‘Good’ for the first time in the history of the school,
  • Tiger is continuing to work on building upon the fantastic foundations that have been laid in improving the quality of the school.
  • The reputation of our schools are noticeably increasing as evidenced by the increase in pupils numbers seen in recent years.

However as a small family of schools, we want to work in partnership with other successful Trusts, to mutual benefit, and are continuing to review how we will do this.  We have already forged some strong collaborative arrangements and will look to build on these. We are also seeking new Directors for the Trust and Governors for each of the schools, with a range of different expertise. If you might be interested in finding out more please contact our clerk, Frances Sharp, .  Ultimately, we are determined to continue to provide our local community with outstanding provision for their children and families and make a commitment to do this in line with our Quality Charter. Join us in helping give all of our children better life chances.

Marilyn Hodges