Trust Quality Charter 2019

A genuine desire to create a community of excellence permeates everything we do. We are passionate in our belief that schools are stronger when they work together whilst being proud and protective of the unique identity of each of our schools in the Trust. Maintaining a strong moral purpose and supportive but challenging culture is central to everything we aim to achieve. Similarly we are always mindful that the best interests of young people guide every ambition and decision we take. 

We want to provide our local community with outstanding provision for their children and families and are steered by the following principles:


Core principles:

  • We serve our local community and pride ourselves on our caring and inclusive ethos; 

  • We value and have high expectations of every young person entrusted to our care, irrespective of their background; 

  • We believe, with the right support, every one of our students can reach their potential and lead rich and fulfilling lives;

  • Aspiration, a strong work ethic, integrity and respect of others are traits we endeavour to nurture;

  • A relentless focus on securing excellent academic outcomes, in tandem with a passion for building on the strong values and ethos within each school, drives everything we do;

  • Wellbeing is as important as academic success for everyone in our Trust’s community; 

  • Our staff are our most important asset, we can only deliver great outcomes if we employ exceptional people and aim to be an employer of choice.

  • Resources for schools, to secure excellent provision, is our priority and other costs should be minimized.


Future Schools Trust - Inspiring Ambition

  1. We will welcome, value and have high expectations of every student that joins us, regardless of their personal circumstances. We offer excellent outreach programmes as well as nursery and wrap around care.

  2. We will provide a comprehensive programme of wellbeing that supports students’ mental and physical health, building confidence, resilience, independence, character and developing the skills to make good life choices. 

  3. We will develop a love of learning from the earliest opportunity by providing a nurturing environment and a rich provision of opportunity in every phase.

  4. We will employ outstanding teachers who understand the importance of developing a spirit of enquiry and curiosity through inspirational and responsive teaching. We provide a rich and engaging curriculum that has clear building blocks and is suited to the needs of our students. 

  5. We expect all of our students, irrespective of their background, to make at least good progress. We will provide inspirational teaching, enrichment, support and challenge to achieve the best outcomes for every one of our students. 

  6. We will ensure that all of our students are well behaved, confident and respectful.

  7. We will ensure we attract and retain effective and highly effective staff by providing excellent professional development opportunities, reducing bureaucracy to allow maximum time with young people, and support staff, enabling good work life balance.  Well-being is a priority for staff as it is for students. 

  8. We will provide strong leadership and governance at all levels as it is a cornerstone to success; we will continue to strengthen and build succession planning so that all of our students attend a school that is judged to be at least good by Ofsted.

  9. We will work in partnership with early years providers, local primary schools and other educational providers, parents, charities and other stakeholders to enhance our educational and enrichment outside of the classroom offer and ensure seamless transition from one phase of learning to the next.

  10. We will continue to invest in our environments ensuring our schools are positive places that students’ enjoy and want to attend.

  11. In times of reducing resources we will make every penny count and maintain robust financial viability.  We will seek to minimise costs and secure efficiencies to direct resources to the needs of our schools.