New vision and Key goals 

As some of you may have noticed, the entire trust has undergone a major rebrand after the announcement of the three year plan. This rebrand brings a new vision and ethos to Future Schools Trust. FST’s vision statement is simple and clear - inspire, challenge, believe, and achieve.  

The new values this plan brings are as follows:

  • Delight in learning and achievement
  • Learn to be independent
  • Inspire our local communities to engage and believe
  • Create a challenging, dynamic environment
  • Lead with integrity 

We believe that delivering on this vision will allow our schools to flourish, creating a bridge between the schools and the local communities. 

With this new three year plan comes new goals that the trust wish to achieve. These goals are key to achieving the success we are striving for, and we believe that these goals are very much within our reach.  The four goals we have set out are as follows: 

  • To be recognised as a trust with a clear social purpose and strong outcomes for the children we support. 
  • To be in the top 50% nationally for outcomes for pupils for all FST schools by 2020.
  • Tiger to be rated outstanding, Cornwallis to be rated outstanding, NLL to be rated at least good by Ofsted by 2020. 
  • Financial stability across the schools by 2020.

With the committed staff we have here at the trust, we believe these goals are extremely achievable. 

This is a very exciting time to be part of Future Schools Trust. We look forward to a future of success.