Meeting of Minds

Future Schools Trust Heads, governors and operations directors met with their counterparts at Every Child Every Day Trust for a day-long conference and dinner.

The conference, at the Best Western Manor Hotel, Reigate Hill, gave everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves and speak about their hopes and plans for the future, following the upcoming merger between the two.

FST and ECED hope to begin the Autumn term under the one ‘umbrella’ Trust, offering both staff and students enhanced opportunities and potential for improvement and growth.

The main aim of the day was to discuss the future governance of the new Trust and the modus operandi moving forward into the next academic year.

David Bealing has been appointed the new Chair of Governors, with Maggie Bailey, head of Grey Court School, Richmond, becoming the new CEO.

FST’s current Chair of Governors Marilyn Hodges spoke about her hopes for the future of the combined schools and each head spoke about the strengths of his or her school and where they see the opportunities in the future.

Ari Kotsis, Acting Head of Business Operations at FST, said: “It was a very informative and productive day, in which we gained a better mutual understanding of our respective trusts and the schools within them.

“We are looking forward with confidence to the merger in September which should bring us a number of benefits – physical, financial and academic.”